Course summary

CS 242 explores the concepts, design decisions, and tradeoffs underlying the programming languages of today and tomorrow. Specifically, this class focuses on three themes:

  1. Scripting languages: Understanding the expressive power afforded by dynamic typing, reflection, metaprogramming, and runtime extensibility. When your language assumes nothing about your program, how far can you go?

  2. Functional languages: Examining the effects of complex static type systems and functional programming idioms on structuring programs and proving statements about them. When your language knows a lot about your program, what do you gain?

  3. Systems languages: Exploring how language constructs can help programmers manage their hardware with both safety and performance. What are the costs of the abstractions afforded by higher level languages?

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Will Crichton

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Topics Readings
Week 1: September 24
Lecture 1.1 (Mon): TBD
Lecture 1.2 (Wed): TBD
Week 2: October 1
Lecture 2.1 (Mon): TBD
Lecture 2.2 (Wed): TBD
Week 3: October 8
Lecture 3.1 (Mon): TBD
Lecture 3.2 (Wed): TBD
Week 4: October 15
Lecture 4.1 (Mon): TBD
Lecture 4.2 (Wed): TBD
Week 5: October 22
Lecture 5.1 (Mon): TBD
Lecture 5.2 (Wed): TBD
Week 6: October 29
Lecture 6.1 (Mon): TBD
Lecture 6.2 (Wed): TBD
Week 7: November 5
Lecture 7.1 (Mon): TBD
Lecture 7.2 (Wed): TBD
Week 8: November 12
Lecture 8.1 (Mon): TBD
Lecture 8.2 (Wed): TBD
Week 9: November 19
No class for Thanksgiving!
Week 10: November 26
Lecture 10.1 (Mon): TBD
Lecture 10.2 (Wed): TBD
Week 11: December 3
Lecture 11.1 (Mon): TBD
Lecture 11.2 (Wed): TBD
Week 12: December 10
Final details TBD